Dungeons and Dragons Dice Box

I made this dice box last night on my GF as a small addition to my son’s gift for his 16th birthday today.

I had designed the box based on similar items on the web. Originally I designed and 3D printed a while back. I planned to do this as a combo project with my ShaperOrigin and the GF, but I didn’t have enough time to complete it last night.

The GF worked really well for this since I hadn’t worked out all the details but was able to rapidly prototype and cut layers as I made tweaks.

He really liked it and it felt great having the tool to make this so quickly!


Cool. You used magnets too. I like it!

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Yes , luckily I had some on hand. The holes weren’t in my design so I created a svg for the size holes needed and added it as artwork and placed them on the designs. That worked great! The GF cut the holes and the magnets fit perfectly!

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Very nice and the magnets are a great choice.

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He’ll love it! Interlocking box, D&D, magnets—what’s not to like?

This is pretty cool. How do the various dice fit?