D&D dice box


A local game store has D&D adventure league on Saturday nights and my son wanted to start playing. I haven’t played in over 35 years, I know, what a crime!!

Very different than what I remember, but I’m hooked yet again…had a great time and just HAD to make myself a dice box…lol

Saw a few on etsy and also saw this one for inspiration.

Turned out pretty nice if I say do myself. :grin::grin:

Character name on top with “Green eyed” in Elven
(My character is a green eyed half elf cleric)

I put the magnets in the inside of this one…


Very nice. Looks like stacked material for the outside height? I really like using the stack technique. Also glad you have another thing to enjoy with your son.


Yeah, suck that in. “The days are long, but the years are short.”
Before you know it, life is going to pull him away from the one who taught him how to push.


Awesome. Really cool!


I’ve got another one in the works that also holds my son’s character miniature. Once that dries I’ll post that one tomorrow.:grin::grin:


What a lovely dice box! The other players will be green with envy.


Are you intentionally trygin to make my OCD act up that you don’t have separate slots for the different dice? Or that it’s not full of D20?
It sure looks like a nice case though.


Ha ha ha…I thought about that, but it actually looked unbalanced/weird with the different shapes…


Don’t mind me I’ll be the adult child needing a box to hold my 7 different boxes all holding sorted dice.


Here’s the other box


Beautiful box! Almost wish I played, so I’d need one.


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