Dungeons and Dragons Flying Miniature Riser


Here’s my first full on design. A Dungeons and Dragons Flying Creature Miniature Riser.

For those who aren’t familiar with D&D, it’s often played using minis, and there are often creatures who fly that must be represented by those minis. The goal of this little device is to lift the mini up and indicate how high it’s flying. For example, in the photos below, the creature can be shown to be flying 53 feet in the air. It has notches cut in the sides for the marking chits for the height, and measurements from 0 to 9999 ft.

It slots together very smoothly. If the slots were a little tighter it might be better, so consider that if you download this and use it. I just glued the acrylic together and it looks good to me.

Here’s the svg:



Very useful for my character that flies on his shield.


Awesome design!


Very clever design, and so nice of you to share!


Nice project!


Definitely advise tightening up the chit slots. When it had the paper on it was perfect. Without it, they fall off too easily.


Super cool!

Acrylic is tricky because the international specification for cast (which is preferable for laser cutting) is very inaccurate - +20%/-10% if I recall. That means each sheet can be different, and the sheet can vary across its surface.

Proofgrade plywoods are much more predictable (but less appropriate for this sort of thing).

I would consider tapering the slot, so you could slide it in until it was snug.


Love this outside the box thinking. Gonna steal it and adapt it for my games!


Hmmm, now how many different color acrylics do I have?


@dan Was correct, tapering the slots was the best choice here. I remade with tapered and slightly deeper slots on the marking chits and that made all the difference. I’ll post an updated svg tonight. Also: Bonus: 2x2 platforms too. :slight_smile:


Updated design here with tapered markers and 2x2 platforms.


Note: I put 8 markers so you would have enough if you printed the previous design to replace the markers there. Obviously, you can remove any you’re not going to need. This svg also corrects a tiny alignment issue with the 1000s


SVG posted is all black. Any chance we could get an external download link? Forums tend to mess up SVG posts.


Zipping it and then dropping it in here will also preserve it


Awesome, glad that helped!


Here’s a zip file containing both designs. It includes the .ai files as well.

D_D Riser.zip (3.1 MB)