Duplicate a drawing within the bed

If I want to duplicate an object within the same cutting session… how could I do?
I’ve imported an SVG, prepared for cut (what to engrave, cut, score) and than I’d like to replicate the object 10 times within the available material.
I cannot find a duplicate or copy & paste… How could I do?
Thanks in advance!


In a Windows computer you can highlight what you want to copy and use CTL-C and CTL-V to copy and paste. It does not follow the pointer but pastes just off the part you copied. If the piece is complex I sometimes find it useful to copy and then move that part to the new location and then paste will happen near where the piece was when you hit copy over and down a bit, If you keep moving the pasted parts the space stays open for new.


For MacOS CMD+C/CMD+V works as well.


Thank you @rbtdanforth for the help! @gianluca I also appreciate your addition on copy/paste for Mac, thank you!

I’m going to close this thread. If you have other questions, you are welcome to open a new thread.