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This is a newbie problem (I’m sure) but I often have an image perfectly sized and I was to clone it so I can print/cut several of the exact same image at one time. Is there a shortcut for this? It’s driving me bananas that I can’t figure it out.

Copy, Paste, move the copy.


Hello @daynak03, thank you for reaching out, that is a great question. The response from @eflyguy is spot on for how to use the shortcuts.

You will want to copy your image, paste the copy image, and then click and drag the copy to its new position. Then repeat the steps for as many copies as you need in the print.

Function Windows Mac
Copy, Paste Control-C, Control-V Command-C, Command-V

Please let us know if you are still having trouble after trying the shortcuts.

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If you put the original off to the side before hitting copy, and then move it to where it needs to be. Then when you hit paste the new copies will arrive near where the original was rather than where it is, making moving the copies much easier.

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