Duplication of an existing object

Maybe this has been asked before (if so, please reply with a link to the right post), but I was wondering whether it would be possible to scan and duplicate an existing object.

The GF can scan and cut based on a drawing that is placed into it (without relying on something sent in via a digital file), right? Why not be able to place an object into it, scan that, swap it out for another material, and then duplicate the cut? Is this something it can currently do and I’ve just missed that somewhere along the line? Seems like all the technology is there to do it… using it as a sort of a physical object copying machine.

I was just thinking that too. It would be awesome.

I believe you can, the plane in the promo video printed on red&white acrylic that was hand scanned in gets printed multiple times(I think multiple at a time too).

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Yeah, in the video it scans a drawing and repeats the cut multiple times. I’m talking about scanning something that has already been cut out (maybe using the depth sensing features rather than image analysis of a drawing) in order to make a duplicate. It would be handy if you have something that you lost the original pattern for, or wanted to duplicate something you never had a pattern for.

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Seems very possible with simple etched designs, or outline shapes… and I mean… it would be incredible to learn that I just got a free 2.5D scanner with my laser purchase

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sounds cool, @dan are we dreaming? Can your team make this a reality?

it feels to me that part of this comes back to the question of whether we can download a digital copy of something that was trace-cut in person. So in the example of the airplane from the promo video, can we download the airplane design from the cloud after cutting it? Without having cut it? And if so, what is the format? Would it be useable? Being able to d\l an image of what we had cut would be nice, being able to d/l a file (maybe code and not an image) to reproduce the cut on our 'Forge would be very nice. Being able to d/l a gcode translation of something we had made by hand to send to the cnc shop for full-scale production would be badDonkey. Or maybe its not a download, but an accessible cloud file, so that if you decide later that you wanted a few more copies of the airplane you could just cut it again, and not have to track down one of the children who received the first batch.


I do like the idea of being able to download images that you have already used. They could be in any graphic format so we could modify and re-use them.