DXF files not wanting to upload

Today the app has been rejecting DXF files, saying that the file type isn’t supported. If I keep attempting the upload, it eventually goes through after about a dozen tries. I haven’t changed my settings or workflow for the last few months, so my assumption is something must have changed on the server side since the last time I was doing cutting (last week sometime). Possibly their servers’ conversion from DXF to SVG is having troubles?

Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone else use DXFs?

Workflow details: I design in Rhino, export as a DXF, and use Firefox to import into the glowforge dashboard and cut. (Trying in Safari produces the same error.)

I just uploaded a DXF file 3 times in a row, and it went through all 3 times without issue.

Maybe there’s an issue with the specific file you created? Do you have another DXF file that’s worked in the past you could try uploading, to rule that out?

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It’s giving me the same issue with re-uploading files I’ve produced and cut in the last month.

It appears that refreshing the dashboard page and then quickly uploading a file seems to make it upload successfully about 3/4 of the time, but if I navigate from the cut/file view back to the dashboard it rejects the files again.

Might just be a transitory problem like cloudflare having a rough day.

Have you tried Chrome? (Most things GF work better in Chrome)

Drag and drop onto the dashboard.

That is working fine, but I can’t use the upload button for dxf.

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