DXF imports with dashed lines

I exported a face as a DXF from Solidworks 2021. the file imported without errors into GlowForge, but the lines were dashed, not solid. Any thoughts?


You haven’t selected a material yet.


Thank you. DXF import worked perfectly from SolidWorks 2021


Note that you do not need to use a DXF. You can export from SW as a PDF. This allows you to embed rasters and vectors in the same file, which can be very useful.
My process with SW2017 is to create an assembly from the part(s) if needed, then create a drawing. I then select the layer I want to use and use the convert edges function to automatically trace my cuts. Then hide the part(s) if needed and save as PDF. Using layers of different colors lets me sequence complex cuts and engraves. I can add hatching to areas I want engraved and I can embed images and have those saved in the PDF as a raster.


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