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Are you going to eventually support .dxf? It is a translatable extension for CNC Waterjets, Laser, mills, etc. Very valuable. Right now, I have to have an adobe license just to convert the files. At a minimum, if you are going to make people pay for premium software, you at least need to provide a converter that is accurate for .dxf. I would buy premium specifically for that capability. I want a common toolchain for all of my machines.

I just uploaded a DXF file and it was automatically converted to SVG and rendered properly. I am a Premium subscriber.

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So you uploaded .dxf and were able to immediately "print’

Also, does it scale appropriately? If you put in a 1" x 1" square in .dxf, does the output = 1"x 1" as long as you select the appropriate material thickness (assuming “certified” material"?

I believe DXF is supported for premium subscribers.

We originally planned for DXF support in 2015, then announced it was cancelled in 2017 when we found the cost in developer-hours was too high to support it compared to the small number of professional users who needed it. Now, with the Glowforge Premium program, we’re able to invest in adding DXF capabilities.

And we’re delighted to share some great news: given the history of the DXF work, we’re going to include it for you and all existing Glowforge customers as of January 30th, for free. It will be Glowforge Premium-only for users who purchase later.

So, I am not a “Premium” subscriber. Willing to do so, but, what I am interested in is that it says that is is “free” for me… as I was an early subscriber, but this isnt the case.

If its supported by Premium, and scales correctly, them I am in. Guess I will add a subscription and check precision/accuracy on imports.


Do yourself a favor and do the annual subscription…it’s about 65% cheaper.


I have never had a scaling issue with Glowforge. If it’s the correct scale in the GFUI the laser makes it the correct scale in the material.

And yes, as I stated in my first response, the DXF uploaded, was converted to SVG and was immediately ready to print.

Dan made it pretty clear in the Feb 2021 update:

We’re including DXF support for free to all Glowforge owners who were existing customers as of February 28, 2021. Going forward, DFX support is exclusive to Glowforge Premium members, but it will always be free to you.

So if you were a customer at that time, you have it. I do not have any use for “Premium” but DXF works just fine.

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DXF is a hot mess as far as I’m concerned. But if you have a sample DXF file or two you’d like someone to test before you invest in Premium, post it here and I’m sure those of us who have it would be glad to try it out. Your toolchain may produce files that import perfectly into the Glowforge interface, or it might not get along with whichever one of the dozens of incompatible versions and partially supported features it contains. The only way to know is to try.


I’m sorry for the trouble when trying to import DXF files. I looked into the logs for your account, and you’re correct that you should have the ability to import DXF files when logged into the app with the same email address you use to log into the forum.

I’d like to investigate this further for you. When you try to upload a DXF file, are you receiving an error message? If so, may I have a copy of one of your DXF files? If you’d prefer to send it privately, you can email it to my attention at support@glowforge.com.

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Were you not an existing customer in Feb of this year?

You’ve been a member here for several years.

Premium is NOT required to import DXF if you were an existing customer. Just drag the file onto the dashboard.


I wanted to let you know we received the file via email, and we’re looking into it now. Thank you for sending these details over. I hope to give you an update very soon.

Thanks for your patience. I worked with the team today to look into your report, and we made a change that should take care of this for you.

Could you please log in and try uploading a DXF file? Let me know how it goes.

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