Ear Saver Form

I have a lot of organizations that are having issues with the form for the Ear Savers. Any idea on when this will be fixed? I am cutting them out with the acrylic I have, but I am starting to run out. Some of these places like The United Way are asking for 100s and I can’t get it to them because they can’t fill out the form.

Sorry… not an answer to your question but you did have a trigger word that will get you quite a few responses more than likely… “Vinyl” is a curse word when talking about lasers. What exactly are you using? Because cutting vinyl with the GF will, unless it’s HTV that is laser safe, ruin your machine.


Good to know, and I am using PG Acrylic, not vinyl. I recently switched from a Cricut to the Glowforge. Thank you

I don’t understand. If you’re in contact with organizations that them, why are you dependent on a form?

Also, I’ll share my personal rule of thumb for reporting problems. It’s a three-point system:

  1. When I do…
  2. I expect…
  3. But instead…

For example: When I go to <whatever . com/foobar>, fill out the form, and click Submit Request, instead of giving me a thank you page, it says “submit.php failed to connect to database on line 42: exceeded storage quota”.

Having been on the other side of receiving problem reports, I found that style a lot easier to work with than “There are issues. When will it be fixed?” Bonus points for taking a little extra time to figure out exactly how to reproduce the problem and including instructions.


I would be happy to supply anyone and everyone with the ear savers but I am limited on supplies so I have had to directed people and organizations to the glowforge website to fill out the form for the free ear savers. They have come back to me to state that the form is not working properly. I am new to Glowforge as I only received my machine 2 weeks ago. I am learning the process, and was looking for input so that I could pass it along.


Welcome to the community @miproudgifts. Thanks for your patience. So sorry for the trouble with the form. We’ve resolved the issue and are seeing submissions come in successfully.

Thank you for your willingness to help!