Ear savers with some human friendly tweaks

I really like your design! I am new at this and have only made the original design so far. How do I download your file? I could not find a link for the download, unless I just don’t know how to do that! I could only find a link to download the pic of the red MOE ones you made. Thanks for sharing!

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in the second post there is the design in red ink in outline format… right click on that picture and choose SAVE AS … it will save it to your computer in SVG format.

Thanks @Livein3D

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one thing i would suggest is to run a simplify path on it. when i opened it up, there were 56k nodes. i ran simplify path in illustrator at a level that didn’t change the curves and it was down to closer to 4300 notes. that will load a lot faster and probably run a little smoother.





Thanks @shop. Nice improvement.

I’m using Inkscape, so I’ll have to dig into Inkscape a little more as the simplify paths option they have was too aggressive and messed things up a bit. I’m sure it possible in Inkscape as well, just haven’t had any luck with it so far.

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I have found that the inkscape simplify path can be tamed considerably using these settings…
It may lock up Inkscape some but patience is rewarded :grin:


Awesome! I’ll give these a go.

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Learn something new every day! …now to understand it…I get the anchor points, just need to understand how that works with the simplify paths so I will know when to use it…something new to bookmark and try more when I get a bit further through my Illustrator tutorials…good to know! TFS

Nice… thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for all that work. I made a similar file but accidentally uploaded it with an extra layer turned on. My Mac got damaged by a power surge right afterwards so I couldn’t upload the right file. I have been meaning to do so but I like your file much better. Thanks again.

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Thanks @nancielaing.

There are a couple of great tweaks that @rbtdanforth and @shop suggested earlier in the thread. I’ll hopefully have some time this week to circle back and make those improvements.


Adding in the half flexi will get you 10% more. And that could add up pretty fast.

Here is my file. It is full page page and prints the half extenders to make use of all of the space. Mine are just a little bit smaller than yours.ear savers from Glowforge full sheet NEL


you might want to set the edge to show and not the fill, as I had fill and no edge on what I downloaded.

Hi thanks for the file. How can I download this?


I m sorry for bothering you but can please explain it I don’t see any option to download.

Right click on the drawing. You should see some option to save image, save file, download target, or something like that depending on your browser and platform.

Oops, sorry, meant to reply to @esthertst

Here is the updated human friendly design with simplified paths and half ear savers added to create flexies in the gaps at the end of each row.

Made On Earth NYC - PPE MOE - Ear Savers - Sheet - No Logo - V2

As before, attached SVG includes cut lines for a full sheet of Made On Earth’s tweaked version of the ear saver design. The cut lines are optimized for single pass cuts / no duplication of cut lines on adjacent ear savers.

The SVG also includes hidden group that contains all the component paths of a single full ear saver and half ear saver to help you rearrange the sheet or make new variations as needed.


just in time, my “free ear saver” bin out by the sidewalk just ran out.