Earring Stand

This is a design I already posted HERE, but I wanted to make it available in the Free Designs area. It might not be obvious from the pictures (I should have taken one before putting the earrings on), but the back is a koi.

The pond/ring tray has another image of a koi.

The front of the base uses a living hinge to get the rounded effect.

The images are attached at the bottom. Apparently, the forum strips images from SVGs.
05. Earring Stand - All Parts

It’s a little fiddly to glue the base together.

  1. The two pieces with the 3 tabs and slots are obvious, glue those at a 90 degree angle.
  2. The other half-moon shape is glued on top of the base, pushed against the back and centered as well as you can. This creates a rim for the living hinge to rest against, creating the smooth, curved contour.
  3. The thin half-ring sets in the notches in the back piece.
  4. The wider half-ring is glued on top of it, flush to the inside. These two pieces create the top rim for the living hinge.
  5. Put a little glue in the side slots of the back pieces and a bead of glue along the top and bottom rims, then hold/clamp the living hinge in place until the glue sets.

I use the living hinge as a spacer while getting the half-rings in place. This helps hold the rings at the right height. Just don’t let any glue bleed out and touch the hinge while doing this.

If you are interested in altering the ring tray portion of the project, you can play with the Cuttle project HERE.

The images are attached here (thank you @deirdrebeth )…
koi_images.zip (848.8 KB)

You’ll have to size and place them.


The forum deletes rasters from uploads (it’s a feature).
If you want to include them in you can zip the file and attach the .zip to your post :slight_smile:


Nice out of the box thinking.
You have raised the earring stand project bar up a tier.


Very cool!! Thanks for sharing!


This is such a great looking project, and a generous share :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


What a great project!! Thank you!!


I loved when you posted it the first time, and am very happy you are sharing it. It’s such a beautiful design. I’m going to make it for my granddaughter. Thank you!


Thank You! Cool design.


Such a sparkling design - thanks very much for your generous share!
I’m reminding people that designs shared here are for personal use only!


Thank you for sharing, I do believe my sister would love this.


Very generous THANK YOU
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