Earsaver signup multiple matches problem

Yesterday I had some problems signing up to make earsavers, as documented here: Earsavers signup form errors

Well, it would seem I didn’t actually have a problem, as at 12:10 EST on 5/21 I was matched with two separate people to make earsavers, each for the full amount of earsavers I signed up for. I immediately emailed earsavers@glowforge.com. I haven’t heard back yet.

A few minutes ago (6:38 EST 5/21), I was matched a third time, equaling the number of failed attempts + successful attempt I made trying to sign up to make earsavers. I don’t have enough plastic to deliver more than one order.

I would very much appreciate help in sorting out these extra matches!

Thank you
Brian Dixon

Hey Brian. I had the same issue but I have the materials and capacity to handle them. I’d be glad to take your extras if you want to send them to me.

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That is a super generous offer! Thank you!
I’d be happy to send them to you. It’s a total of 2000 extra in south New Jersey divided over two orders.

I’ll wait until Glowforge officially responds to send any information though, if you don’t mind. I would be nervous sharing names and addresses of recipients without official permission.

Ok. Just let me know or maybe they can send them.

This happened with me when they first launched it. I was matched with one person, but another person emailed me and told me they were matched with me, even though I never received their information.

Luckily I had enough acrylic at the time, so I took care of both orders right there. But then a few days later I got matched again with another person, even though I completed my promised amount.

I emailed Glowforge, but I also emailed the person I was matched with asking if they still needed them, because I thought there was an error but I could fill it if she needed them. She told me that someone had already completed the order that she requested, and Glowforge responded a few days later saying sorry for the mix-up, I had completed my promised amount and that they would match the person up with someone else and make sure my info wasn’t duplicated in there.

They might have a similar response to you, and it’s possible the extra order has been filled already.

Thank you! This forum and the people on it are the best place on the internet!


Thanks for the advice! I hope that’s the case. I’ll just have to hear from glowforge

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I agree - ya’ll are incredible!

Also, yes, we’re cleaning up the matches as you’ve requested and you’ll get new emails by tomorrow. Thank you so much!

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