Easy wargaming terrain

My wife and I have been reducing the amount of “clutter” in our lives… but I also have an interest in wargaming.

SOOOOO! I thought I’d make a set of easy snap-together wargaming terrain. It all comes apart and just stacks in a box… put it together in a million combinations, play, return to box. Booyah. I will probably keep this VERY minimal and airbrush/spray paint it.

One thing I want to do is specifically edge highlight the edges of the floor tiles that have the wall notches on them, so at a glance at the stack of floors you can better pick out which ones will work for a given situation.

If you know a wargamer 40K, Killteam, Frostgrave, Etc, they might dig this.

I cut everything you see on the table from 2 pieces of 1/8" MDF from Home Depot, the 2’x4’ pieces. The thickness of that material is pretty important for things to snap together reasonably well. The wall joints (after lots of testing) just snap in and you press them in with a little effort and they hold together well.

The only “assembly” required is that these cool bridge platform pieces are a stack of 3 pieces, so there’s a floor thickness gap, so they can just slide over other floors and they hold up really strongly.

These combine to make real flexibility like this:

I was super impressed with how easy these were to just slap together as fast as you can grab pieces. This stuff on the table you see had no planning whatsoever, it was all just "grab another piece, snap it in, repeat. It’s pretty forgiving in terms of “too many slots/not enough slots”… things just kind of work, and it’s pretty strong.

I’m throwing them up here for free… if you make something using the system I’d love to see what you did and cut them . Arranging these for printing is up to you, I’m afraid :slight_smile:

Note that I’m using these for Frostgrave, which isn’t as much about ranged combat and low cover, sooo… if you’re doing range heavy stuff you might want to print/design more low cover options.

I’m including my “Working” file, but all the things to actually cut are the “cutting” files.

Frost Grave Terrain Working


Very kewl! (Nice of you to share it too!)


That’s fabulous
I’m so not showing it to my D&D group, because then they’d want it all the time!

Love how modular it is though :heart:


Totally Awesome!!! Thanks for the share!


Over the top. Thank you.


Purge the xenos!


Thank you! My sons would have loved this 20 years ago… I’ll have to ask them if they’d like it now! Thanks for sharing!


Wow, pretty sweet!

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Amazing designs! Sort of like “Tinkertoys” for adults. I like the flexibility of the mix and match concept. Thanks for your generous share!

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Thank you for sharing

ya know. I really need to get some people together to play that again. it would be fun.

i have all of my old books and campaign I wrote.

There’s 3 of us in one house - we have others over sometimes, but it’s wonderful having enough players for a campaign all under one roof!

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Really like the way you’ve put these together. I’ve been sellling terrain ever since I got my GF.

I like the way you’ve embraced the joints and gone for a complete flat pack solution.

My designs are made to be made and stay made, so take up a lot more storage.

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Thank you for sharing, this is amazing! I’ve been meaning to make a set of terrain for my husband and his friends when they play war hammer, I like that this is so modular. This may be one of the Christmas presents I make his group!

Thank you sooooo much, my oldest kid is in heaven!

Really nice terrain! Would be great Ork or Astra Militarum fortification terrain! Going to make some for my friend and I to play with!

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Actually been thinking about doing a new sci-fi set with the same construction logic.

Glad you dig it!


I don’t play, but that is pretty damned cool! :sunglasses:

These look great and I’m working on cutting them myself on my brother’s GF. I’m having a little trouble figuring out the floor sections. Are they somewhere in your Working file? I don’t see the floorboards in the cutting files, and I’m having a little trouble getting the bridges set up like you showed in your photos. Thanks!

Never mind I see the floors and bridges now-- they were just miniscule in the preview compared to the buildings and I missed them. Awesome work! I’m cutting them now.

Yeah, sorry… I was still pretty new to posting the images/files on there.

Hope they work out!

The bridge pieces are two larger sections with one of the smaller “Filler” pieces sandwhiched in there. When they kind of wrap around a target area, they hold super well.