Easy Way to Get MAC Address

Just wanted to share publicly how I got to the MAC address on my glowforge, since all the other solutions I saw seemed more technical or convoluted.

  1. Connect directly to the wifi as per the regular instructions.
  2. Point your favorite web browser to The webpage will return a wall of key value pairs. Skim down to the one simply labeled ‘address.’ It was like number 29 on my screen, but your mileage may vary depending on updates they do. That was the entry I submitted for white listing and it worked like a charm. No javacript consoles with security issues. No hot spots, extraneous hardware, or port scanners. Easy Peasy!

I would reply that to others to make it easier to find, but they all seemed closed to comments at this point. Thus if you use this tip and it works for you, please comment, like, upvote, or whatever you can do to make this one stand out.


I’m assuming that IP address is the one assigned to the Glowforge? In which case it may be different for different folks?

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Hi, jestelle

Thank you for the comment. While it could vary, I think in practice it does not given that it is provided as part of a the following script solution provided by glowforge staff, and it can be found in more than one location on the glowforge site. Here is one example: Need Actual Way to Find MAC Adddress - #4 by dklgood. I pulled it directly from the script to use in my own case and it worked, so I think that address is fixed in the current setup software. Of course, an update on their part could change it, but then it would make their own guidance out of date, so I think they would need a compelling reason to do so.

fetch('').then((response) => { return response.json() }).then((data) => {console.log(data.address)})

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The IP is fixed and static while the machine is serving up the access point.

Support has shared info on how to access the log files while in that mode -


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