EasyWeed & LaserFlex Heat Transfer Redux

I ordered some LaserFlex awhile back to make a T-shirt for someone. I had an idea for another shirt but, an optimal color was not really available. Later, I learned about Siser EasyWeed, which is available in a lot more colors. With some of both on-hand, I tried both back-to-back. Both seem to be workable with minor differences. Ironically, the LaserFlex was easier to weed than the EasyWeed. That may have partially been due to where I settled with the settings.

Conveniently, I had an old heat press sitting around in a closet (doesn’t everyone?) to do the transfer.

Siser EasyWeed:

Thickness: .004”
Score (film but not backing): 300 speed / 5 power
Cut (film and backing): 300 speed / 15 power
Engrave: 1000 speed / 15 power / 3 passes [1]

Application: 305º F, pre-warm shirt a few seconds, 10-15 seconds at medium pressure to transfer, peel hot or cold.


Thickness: .008”
Score (film but not backing): 200 speed / 6 power
Cut (film and backing): 300 speed / 30 power
Engrave: 1000 speed / 30 power / 1 pass

Application: 350º F, pre-warm shirt a few seconds, 30 seconds at medium pressure to transfer, allow to cool, peel cold.

In addition to vector cutting and weeding, I was able to engrave for finer details. That might be good for small text, for instance. Neither of the current designs called for that. So, I just have a not-very-photogenic test patch. I used the test to calibrate my heat transfer technique and, get a reminder lesson about hot vs. cold peel. So, the ghosting is entirely the product of that. The nice, crisp edge on the left side is what I would expect. Note the inclusion of the T-shirt cuff stitching for scale.

[1] Siser EasyWeed settings from @cjbissonnette in this post: Siser Easyweed HTV Engrave Settings


Great input! Thanks for sharing.

[edit] I will probably try those settings out tonight


Thanks for sharing your experience. It turns out I don’t have an old heat press in my closet.


I’m sure many will make use of your settings!


This is great, thanks. To be clear, your engrave settings are “erasing” the material, leaving the backing… For no-weed production? That was the promise of LaserFlex and I’d be very happy if I could do it with EasyWeed, which I already have.

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Correct. My test patch there was with LaserFlex. Depending on the design, I would probably engrave an area around any detail out to a few millimeters and, weed the rest by hand. That is, I would prefer weeding by hand for any larger open area.

I have learned that lesson failed to learn that lesson enough times. I now only buy hot-peel.


Yes, good point. So we can nuke the material right around a shape, and peel away the rest… Looking forward to trying this! Very cool.

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Awesome tips! I bought a heat press set months ago and haven’t had time to play with settings! Thanks

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Holy heck… have you been in my house? :smiley: I have a heat press I’ve not used in years in my shop ! LOL