Eclipse from South Carolina



Had a great, clear day in Lexington, SC. We had 2m 36s of totality and were not disappointed. What a show! We even got shadow bands before and after totality.

The crescent shadows were pretty cool, both from trees and from the sun awning on the deck:

I have over 800 photos to go through and process, but here’s a good one fresh off the camera:

I took bracketed exposures, so I’ll be working on stacking them in photoshop and maybe creating a timelapse. Here’s what my setup looked like:

(complete with improvised thermal shield… the camera was overheating.)


Wow. Thank you for sharing!!! :grinning:


Oh man that turned out great. You had a much nicer lens than I did. What are you shooting with? I have a 70-200 f4L on a 20D. I need a new body soon =)


It’s a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L on a 7D (Mark I). No filter during totality, but I did have a film solar filter on during the partial phase. I got some pretty bad glare from it during some of the shots so before the next one in 2024 I’ll make sure I have a nicer solar filter.


Awesome pictures!


Nice work!
We had a great experience here in Nashville too! Got to see the shadow bands before and after. First time in 62 years of seeing totality! Quite inspiring, raised the hair on my arms. :star_struck:The drop in temperature was very welcome.


Post one here just because the topic says SC. From Lake Hartwell. Many, many folks will have better shots than I.


Looks great to me! Beautiful diamond ring.
I love how the Corona displays the magnetic poles of the star!


Yeah, it was way to hot and humid. Can’t think of anything else that could drag me south this time of year.


Yeah, the temperature drop was very welcome. At about 2/3 covered, I noticed how stepping into the heat from the sun didn’t really register on my skin.
Really a very clean shot Rick. Had you ever experienced totality before? It’s clear you are practiced at photography with your scopes.


First total. 47 years to think about it. The one in 1970 was clouded over.


I loved seeing the photos…from all of you. I just posted a photo from out here in Oregon…but not of the heavenly bodies, but of my family and friends.


Such beautiful pics of a truly remarkable experience.


Self deprecation will get you nowhere. That is one nice photo!!


And of course your (pdobrien) photo is also great! Love the prominences! I used the same lens as you with the 2x extender on a 5D Mark III. And I’m also going to get a better solar filter before the next eclipse.


Impressive! Thanks for letting us see.


What great shots you both had @pdobrien and @rpegg! Loved seeing the totality in SC - did not love the drive home with everyone else on I95!
Thanks for sharing your photos with those of us non-photographer types. : )


Hurrah! Charleston on the beach, and the clouds parted about two minutes before totality. The 12 year old and 9 year old were all about “can we go in the water while it’s dark?”


That’s great! I had some family over in Summerville who didn’t get to see anything due to the clouds :frowning:


We headed home on Tuesday and didn’t hit too much traffic. Our drive down on Saturday took 14 hours (8 hours is the normal drive time.) Part of that was traffic and part of that was 2 4-year-olds in the car :slight_smile: