Edge Lit Acrylic Badges

Haven’t been on these forums for a while because I have too many hobbies. But I have found found the time to occasionally fire lasers at things.

I’ve been going to PAX West in Seattle every year for the past 7 years, and every time I have created something to hand out to the friends I get together with there. It’s always themed after the game SpyParty since that’s the community we are all a part of and we help out at the exhibitors booth.

This past year I wanted to try my hand at edge lit acrylic badges:

I made them with on/off switches and a replaceable battery so they could be used for more than just one event.


really cool idea

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Very cool, and good to see you again. :grinning:


Nice. I made a couple of these for my booth at NoVA MakerFaire last year. but I didn’t include an on/off switch. do you have pics of them in regular light so we can see how the top portion is built?

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Here’s a shot of the top of one with the 3D printed cover removed:

I’m not exactly an electronics expert but I got pretty good at soldering these things by the end of the project.
I had pins in the 3D printed parts that line up with the holes in the acrylic to hold them in place, but I ended up adding some super glue for good measure. That’s what caused all the cloudy mess in the top area.


mine had wires taped on either side of the battery and held in place. i used @bwente’s design. some day i’ll figure out how to marry what you did into the wood design.


I saw the other designs when I was looking into making my version. I really wanted to have a switch and replaceable battery since PAX is a 4 day event and I was handing these to a bunch of people. Didn’t want to tell them to they had to take apart to turn them off. :laughing:

I initially thought about other ways of making the top bit similar to the one you linked. But just figured using my trusty FDM printer would be the best route.


Those look awesome!


Fun giveaway for such an event! Love them!

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