Edge lit bases

I have finally upgraded to a Glowforge Pro from a K40.

I have been making bases for edge lit acrylic with my router and table saw.

These are made from cherry, I have also done oak, walnut, cedar, and pine.

I am working on a Master’s Degree, and running a business, so I don’t have as much time to play in the shop.

I need a way to decrease production times, as these take about an hour between machine set up, calibration, and bit changes.

Any ideas are appreciated.


Hey, welcome.

Right offhand, edge lit bases are a solved problem and are very inexpensive to buy on amazon and banggood and aliexpress. If I were in your shoes, I’d be looking for commercially available bases to save that entire part of your workflow.


I have some of them.

These plates are 8x 10 and the pucks aren’t bright enough or stable enough for that size.

I have been reading for several days, and have yet to find what I am looking for.

I found one that was close, but needed a 3D printer.


Just make a box with a slot in it. (You can probably do it better than this; this was in my very early GF days!)


“Box with a slot in it” example #2

Though I will say that boxes are labor. Find a base that can work and modify your design to match it if need be.

Look for sign bases not just small pucks. They’re bright and minimal.


Thank you, I appreciate your assistance. Nice clock,btw.

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Thank you.

I like the scrollwork.

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I really like my 3D printer for making bases, especially if you get a translucent filament. I think I had a pretty good workflow to manufacture my own with little cost. I especially like that I can print a full bed of the PLA sides overnight throughout the week and when I have time to assemble, I have plenty.

The most time is engraving the acrylic, but if you have a good design and do a score, it can work ok.


I read that post, it is an elegant solution.

I honestly don’t have the time, money, or space to get into 3D printing.

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This is the widest I’ve seen.

What you’re looking for is pretty unique. If you can’t produce it yourself, you could use any of the 3D printing services.

Are you making just one base at a time?
Would it help to assembly line it- make a dozen or two at a time?

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I was going to recommend the same thing. Batching things out helps a ton

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