Electric Guitar Templates?

Hey all. I’m interested if the GF could be used to build an entire guitar body in layers.

I stumbled across this youtube video where a guy built a beautiful guitar with 12 layers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-59iqgcu3c

I know the GF is limited in cut size, so a design would need to be pieced together or the body shape built to fit the cutting area. I’m partial to the Strandberg Boden 6 body style myself, but I’m having a hard time finding vector templates. Router templates could be easily used - just cut and stacked.

Anybody else interested in building something like this?


This is not an electric guitar template, but I think you would enjoy reading this post: Out Of This World Ukulele

Also, there have been projects shared here of ukeleles made totally on the Glowforge. Blown away by the things I can make!


I don’t know that anyone on here has built one from scratch, but a lot of decorating has been done.

Looks like there are hundreds of straight on shots that style of guitar, so you should be able to grab one of those, and do a trace of it - then size it based on the specs.


Don’t know much about guitars but I found a site that is sharing a bunch of pick guard files that may be of use.

It may be of interest to someone.


I have never tried to create a real guitar but I ran a trace around that style. Maybe this will be helpful?

Strandberg Boden 6 guitar style


Strandberg Boden 6 guitar style back


Holy cow - well done! A trace is a good place to start. I know that neck and bridge position are critical because the distance from bridge to the end of the neck has to be an exact distance or your pitch will be off no matter what. That, and pickup placement.

But excellent start - I’ll have to dive into this and work on the scaling. Thanks!


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