Elegant Reindeers 4.5" *Free Design*


May I suggest http://amzn.to/2jJDhMb


I actually really like your idea. Thank you. :grinning:


I’m going to add a cut-out eye, but other than that…it can get complicated…but a cut-out eye will add a lot of dimension. I added details to Steph’s turkey and found out that I would have to flip the pieces over and then have a separate set of details (going the other direction) to make it happen. I had some small success…and it was a good learning experience, but otherwise…a lot of work. I’ll look forward to your solution.


I have no eye deer :eyeglasses:

Edit, read fast.


har de harrrr!:rofl:


Antleers are on backwards! :wink:


Haha!..I hadn’t even noticed! He looks rather upbeat, don’t you think?


Duh, you are right. Thanks for letting me know. :astonished:


It’s artistic license :smile:


He got in a fight with this ram. :wink:


Really enjoyed cutting these–thanks so much for the pattern!


The plans from @willcfc look great, but she has a point. A fast score of eye//nose//jaw would maybe set it off.
I have no way to check this or I would. See if the picture below helps. (zip is SVG)
deerWithEye.zip (1.6 KB)

edit: DRAT… Should have made the 4 changed areas a different color for you. Sorry


Okay, now I’m going to have to go edit my design (pretty similar but with separate legs & hips than the U shape design here) to add the scored features :slight_smile:


I have cut out 3 so far and none of them slide together very easily. lots of sanding… am I missing something?


I did them in 1/8" Baltic Birch, using Proofgrade maple plywood settings. Those settings were really too hot for Baltic Birch so the cuts had a pretty wide kerf–much wider than you would get from Proofgrade maple. So my deer are actually a little loose in the joints.


The BB that I’ve used has been a lot thinner than the PG materials. Probably just needs a slight adjustment to the tabs or slots if you want to use PG materials. (Or you can sand it down.)


These were not made for PG material. The joints were based off BB plywood from my local lumber supply house. Fitment will vary.


That’s probably the issue. I have been using the maple. I have no clue what to make next!


Kerf adjustment is a bear sometimes.

This is my pair (standing male buck & grazing doe). I copied @m_raynsford’s technigue of putting arrows where the tiny (0.012") tabs (cut skips) are to make it easier to punch out the parts. The numbers show which pieces go together. It’s sized for PG Med Cherry Ply. The blue is a cut, as is the black square outline. Red is a score (fast) and Green is engrave (I use the Graphic setting). All settings are PG auto settings.

You shouldn’t need any glue. They are a tight fit. No slop.

If you notice the file name includes a percent factor - in this case 99pct. That’s because the original was for Maple which in my stock is a hair thicker than my Cherry. So I simply selected all of it, locked the dimensions and set the size to 99% so it reduced it just enough to tighten up all of the slots. It’s a quick way of switching between materials.

The kerf on my machine is 0.007"

Here’s the file:
Reindeer pair 3 pack - kerf adj med cherry ply v3 99pct

Reindeer pair 3 pack - kerf adj med cherry ply v3p 99pct

Don’t worry about the black box - that’s because there’s an outline bounding box (the cut out for the flat-pack card). Discourse treats it as a solid. The SVG should download fine.

I would change the color on one of the hip sections and a leg and just cut those to see if any adjustment is needed. If so, go back and adjust the whole thing by the appropriate percentage scaling factor. It really doesn’t matter that the legs and deer bodies will come out a hair larger or smaller - you just want the slots to be tight.

BTW, I did add a nose (engrave), eye and smile :slight_smile: but I haven’t cut that version so if the deer are malevolent looking maybe delete those parts and go back to the faceless version :smile:

(I made an evil looking turkey that my wife really doesn’t like - 10" tall too. How was I to know turkeys don’t have teeth?)

EDIT: I added a version saved in Corel with a different styling sheet. I have not actually run this one through the GF though so no warranties that it will load or cut properly :slight_smile: But it does show what the thing looks like. I traditionally don’t worry about the style sheet used on the file save as it’s only an issue with Discourse but Chris prevailed :wink:

Some Christmas projects

I just finished cutting a set (second time)…draftboard…perfect tight fit. My grandson put them together himself. We both appreciated not having to glue them.