Elegant Reindeers 4.5" *Free Design*


Sweeeet! :sunglasses:


squeeeee :slight_smile:


Great job!


Love what you’ve done with the textures.


When my brother came for Thanksgiving, I showed him these reindeer and we made a pair for him to take back home to his landlady. Today, he sent me this drawing made by 5 1/2 year old Bennett, a friend of his landlady’s…who apparently was fascinated by them and wanted to take them apart. I hope Bev (landlady) let him do that and that she showed him how to put them together again. What fun! Your work carries on @willcfc!


Made one on draftboard. A friend asked me to make one on African Mahogany. I will have to share pics when done.


That’s so awesome! MERRY CHRISTMAS @Xabbess!!


Thank you so much…and wishing the same to you!


just ran a last minute set for my nephews tomorrow to put together… currently 40 minutes to christmas!


A couple of these deer have been sitting next to my Glowforge for 8 months. It’s a desk toy. The kids fiddle and fidget. My husband recently had a dozen 6-7 year old boys to entertain at a week long scout family camp. Your deer were the springboard for his dragons:

Thanks. This was a fantastic share.


I like those, they look like Toothless! :smile:


Their group were dragon riders…
Very toothless.
We made or adapted a couple dozen different Berk-themed crafts and games.
Between his group and mine, the Glowforge was running if we were home for three weeks before the event.


Still a hit. Here they are in fluorescent blue acrylic.


Ooooo, really like this version.