Elliptical boxes in Inkscape

Thanks, I guess I’ll start by experimenting with Inkscape instead of twiddling my thumbs. :slight_smile:


Very nice, great post Laser Lady!
Perfect application of the “hinge” cut, curving to the final geometry - no repeated flexing.
Thank you for the links and help!


So after several days, the boxes still give off a strong smokey odor. I’ve had them on my dining room table and they are quite pungent…lol. They are now sitting in a ziplock with baking soda to see if that helps absorb some of the odors.
I’ll report back after the weekend…:grinning:


figure a different material would mitigate the lingering smell?

If that doesn’t work and you can’t, like, wash them or something, you might want to try a dry chem sponge, also called a dry cleaning sponge or a soot sponge. They’re amazing at removing dirt and odors from things that can’t be cleaned traditionally. I use them to clean old books. I think they’re also used to clean houses after smoke and fire damage.

You use them dry and just basically rub them on the surface you want to clean/deodorize. I’m not sure why they’re called ‘chem’ sponges - pretty sure they’re just rubber. They aren’t soaked in cleaner or anything. They don’t leave a residue behind, either.


I’m definitely ordering some of those! Great suggestion.

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If all else fails, you might try an ozone generator. In a previous life I had dealings with a manufacturer of ozone generators used for odor control in morgues (yeah, I know, morbid :scream:). I found a small one at a yard sale and use it in the kitchen after broiling steaks or cooking fish to clear out the smells.

Never quite sure if ozone actually kills the odors, or just paralyzes my olfactory nerves :wink:

Examples and references:

Lots of info on this site http://www.odorfreemachines.com/smoke-odor-removal/

Most of these are probably soooo much overkill:

As always, your mileage may vary…



These are so cool. Can’t wait for my GF.


I was able to use the extensions to create a couple really cool elliptical boxes. Now I just have to run to the laser place and cut them out. I’ll post some pics when they are done. Thank you for sharing the links. I wouldn’t have found them without you.


:grin:Cant wait to see!!

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A few things I made this week


Awesome!! Looks like you masked your wood before cutting the living hinge box…it looks so clean. :grin:

Thanks. I used the board they were cut out of to hold the pieces while I sanded them.


Ah ok :grin: Im too lazy to sand…lmao


I really need to get a chinese knock off laser to pass the time. If they are that easy to use, can’t wait to see how the GF fares.

IDK if easy is the word…looks like alot of tinkering is involved.

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That’s relative. They’re a bit fiddly to set up but nothing you can’t do in a couple of hours. The software controlling them is rudimentary at best and undocumented. But if you’re ready good with AI or Corel or Inkscape you can continue to do your design there and then export the file to import into the laser’s control software. It’s marginally more difficult than the one I use at the local Makerspace but not nearly as easy as having a “print” driver from AI or something would make it. Quality control of the machines is somewhat iffy as well so you may have to sort out hardware issues but most people are okay with it out of the box. And then you can start pimping it out with mods :smiley:

The GF is definitely attractive for it’s software.


I have no problem with software…its the hardware that sounds like too much problems… Of course Im spoiled with my Universal lasers…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No real problems there after initial setup. Lots of people mod them with hardware to add features like air assist, Z-bed, new controller, etc. (Controller upgrade is to enable better software by and large.)

The software isn’t hard - it’s just a bit limiting (need to send a different job to the cutter for each layer in a design for instance). I like Epilogs and such that allow distinguishing different operations by line color in the file so I can setup different cutting and engraving power levels and speeds and send just one job to the cutter. Way more streamlined workflow.

Did the baking soda work?

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