Emails saying I didn't return machine

Can you please check with your team? You refunded me a full purchase price of a pro and confirmed that it was received…but now your team is again saying I didn’t return the machine…AGAIN.

I’m beyond tired of dealing with this mess. Please check the tracking and you’ll see it’s been returned. I have emails showing it was returned and apologies from your team for sending me the wrong shipping labels, accusing me of not returning it previously, and a message saying your team will resolve this without involving me since it was their error. This has been a nightmare and I’d like a resolution quickly. I forwarded the confirmation email to support showing that an agent said machines (plural) were received and that a full refund was processed.

Hi @dipasqua002 -

Thanks for reaching out. I’m personally working on piecing together what happened here, and I’ll work with you so we can resolve this quickly. I’ve followed up directly over email, so I’m going to close this thread.