Embarrassing mistake - help!

So, my husband opened up our shiny new Glowforge, and in his excitement he accidentally touched the yellow filmed-window on the printer head before we got it installed. We are both so upset with ourselves for making this very amateur mistake and are so worried that we have messed up the print head entirely. Can anyone tell me if this has ruined the entire thing? Can we wipe it with the provided wipes and then continue to install the print head and move on with our lives? I am so ready to get printing and pretty bummed that user error has put us on hold. HELP!

I emailed this to support but that was just last night so I’m worried they won’t have time to respond before the holiday. :frowning:

Any info or advice or soothing words very much appreciated.


No big deal. Just take the included lens wipes and clean it lightly. Good as new.

You will need to clean both windows, cameral lens, and the mirror inside the head after heavy use or maybe 40 hrs. It’s just good practice not to touch it with bare hands because it leaves an oily residue.


I am not a lawyer, but when I touched the glass, I just wiped it off, and my GlowForge is working fine. I think the issue is just that the glass needs to be clean so that the laser doesn’t have any interference from material on the glass cover. So it’s important that it be clean, but fingerprints just wipe off.

Yeah, it’s very hard to get the head out of the packing material without touching the glass, since you can’t see the glass to avoid it.


Thank you both! We’ll give that a go.


I don’t get it… Do most lawyers know optics?


no, but as we have seen from the FNL here, they ARE really good at telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, even if they aren’t experts in that field. :wink: :smiley:


Don’t worry about it! Mine came with a nice oily fingerprint and some dirt specs on it from the factory. I carefully cleaned it and it has been just fine. I have accidentally touched it a couple of other times when cleaning or adjusting the head and I just cleaned off the print and everything is fine.


That just saved you the trouble of leaving your fingerprint first, like we all have done. :wink:


“FNL” = “Friendly Neighborhood Lawyers”

Took me forever to figure that TLA (three-letter-acronym) out :blush:


Is everything up and running?

Not yet – we got freaked out that we had destroyed everything last night, so we stopped the installation process. When I get home later, we’ll get back to work!

Thanks for the answer @rpegg and @laird, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any other snags, go ahead and post a new topic.

Happy printing!

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