Emergency parts

I have a spare Magnetic lens removal kit and Upper lid cables (black lid cable Rev 10)
Available – if an emergency arises.
This is not for causal sale, use the glowforge store for that.


PS: price is Part + whatever shipping you want + $10

not the eBay 4000% gouge

still have parts available…


need carriage belts? contact @ yoyodyne2112 , the forum shows that he/she may have those.

who else on here can provide emergancy parts to people when glowforge, inc is back ordered?


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Belts, front wheels, idler pulleys, air assist fans (IP55 rated upgrade version), and a few more odds and ends.


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Thanks, never post something at 3AM :stuck_out_tongue:


I find that’s often time to post the most inspired of things.

….though they do tend to be unintelligible by the normies…and by myself after sleeping.

I am in DESPERATE need of the black lid cable. I troubleshooted Monday. They never told me to purchase it from the store (if I had I prob would have it by now & would have saved 5 days of headache). I explained several times (every day when I called) that I needed overnight shipping & didn’t mind paying etc. Monday they said they would invoice me. Tuesday I called to say I hadn’t gotten the invoice. Wednesday I had to call back to say the shipping notification was sent but I hadn’t paid for the upgraded shipping! Wednesday they said they sent it out 2 day air. Thursday they said they sent it out 1 day. The tracking # supplied is a dead # and it left glowforge but UPS doesn’t have it either supposedly. Tonight they told me they were going to ship another one, but then sent me an email at closing saying that they will check back in on it on Monday. So now tonight I am just sitting here BAWLING MY EYES OUT. Because Monday will be too late (if it doesn’t even ship until Monday) . I have to send emails tonight telling my customers I cannot deliver and lose out on $600+ in orders.
However, I do also want to add that I absolutely love Glowforge and every single Representative I spoke to every day this week was beyond helpful and super nice… so nice, that I can’t/couldn’t even be mad, I’m just sad now.
If I could get this overnighted to be here on Monday, I would gladly pay whatever you ask.

I would be glad to help, but the ones I ordered won’t be here till tuesday, I never expected that someone would need one so quickly since Glowforge has them in stock

I’m sorry


@JessicaLee the shipping updated to monday, Its coming FEDEX, not UPS ground… make sure you check the tracking # with FEDEX… it may show monday as well (fingers crossed)


This is my tracking number …. It’s probably sitting somewhere un-scanned

with Luck TODAY @JessicaLee’s problems end (well at least her glowforge ones!!!)


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