Endless issues

I think I need some comfort haha. I have had my Glowforge for a month and have not been able to create projects with it yet.
I was first sent a machine that’s laser tube was broken. I was then sent a refurbished one, however the printer head was broken.
At the one month mark of being an owner, my new warranty covered printer head was delivered, however, now I only get the “print can not be completed” error. I follow troubleshooting with no luck.
Is this really worth the hassle? I know people love it, I’ve done my research and was so excited to get it, but now I’m just sad and angry at this huge paper weight.

Anyone else have similar issues?

I’m so sorry!! That sounds like a nightmare, I would be so disappointed. I don’t blame you for being sad and angry. (I am going on 3 years with a Glowforge and I love it.)

I hope things get resolved as soon as possible.


Too bad your first experience with the thing has been a buzzkill. Welcome to the community anyway, This place is the best accessory for your laser. :sunglasses:

When exactly do you get this error? Does the machine calibrate normally? Do you get the error when the machine is preparing the file to print? If that’s the case it could be a problem with the file.
Support will ask you to print the ‘Gift of Good Measure’ and send them pictures of the result. That is a known file they use to diagnose the operation of the machine because it will engrave, score, and cut.
Don’t give up, mine has given me 5 years of joy.


Feeling exactly the same way.


You generally only see the few that have issues posting in this forum section. The majority are out there printing away without issue. Like many others, I’ve had 5 years of trouble-free use from my machine, it’s now starting to fade away - which isn’t bad for a machine with a predicted 2-yr lifespan.

It’s been stated that over 100,000 of them have been sold. It’s unfortunate you got one that doesn’t perform as expected, but it’s not unheard of.


I had to replace my GF 3 times when i first got it for various issues. I was so discouraged, but finally, the one i got worked and it’s been so much fun! Hang in there if you can!!


Or three?

I have a positive update. The issue was me this time. In my excitement to get printing I didn’t correctly calibrate the new printer head. Once I fixed this, I was able to cut a lovely ‘welcome’ sign.

I will say this community has been great with giving advice & encouragement and I’m thankful to be a part of it!


Awesome - I’m glad to hear this! Welcome!
Looking forward to seeing your creations.

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