Endless Waiting with no responses from support

I have my order made on Nov 2015, with today’s date 5 Oct 2018. It is almost 3 years!
I think I have been patient enough for like a $6k purchase and wait for 3 years and still waiting.

Since there was a shipping forecast, I saw May 2018, then July 2018, then November 2018, then now Feb 2019 and that is super unacceptable, given it is already in production and sales available on Amazon.

Mine is an international order, but really I do not mind getting a US machine delivered by UPS/DHL or any carrier. How is that possible that some new purchase can be delivered in days/week, but mine for 3 YEARS?

Over the time, I have tried to do different emails, 3 to be specific. What I get back is just saying “if you don’t want to wait, then refund, we don’t care”.
And on 22 Sept, I sent my 4th email to followup my order, on 27th I got a reply from Rita C repeating whats the forecast say the delivery has been taken long than we thought. I replied for more details, and today 5 Oct, I got nothing back.

I thought the logistics for the machine went wrong, but I never expect the email system also went wrong for glowforge. So I am trying the forum, and hopefully someone will be reading this, and not replying “Oh, yes, sorry, something went wrong” & “If you want, you can refund, I don’t care. We have had well used your startup money, and we have enough now that we don’t need yours anymore”

You are going to be quite disappointed. No one will be able to tell you anything different from the forums as we know nothing more than you.
On top of that, this opens a ticket in the support system same as sending an email. Shortly someone from support will show to apologize and say they see you’ve already sent an email about this and they’re going to continue with you there. Then close this thread.

You’re complaints have been shared by many since the beginning but never has Glowforge wavered from its policy of saying nothing.

Your options are wait or don’t. If you choose wait, the how is up to you.

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Information is provided in monthly updates in the announcements section of this forum. Short answer is the company has said a hundred times that no additional logistics information will be provided beyond that in those public updates. The company will not ship U.S. units to countries not yet cleared for export. The company is working the issues country by country and all current orders will be honored once the hurdles are cleared. No explanation or further details as to what the hold up is on some International deliveries will be provided.

There are over 10,000 units in use. The units advertised on Amazon are for domestic purchase only. 4 emails and 4 answers that didn’t meet your expectations. Nothing wrong with the email system. Maybe a different question?

Not apologizing for the company or sugar coating the current state of things. Just saving you another email.


International Shipping Updates here:


I’m so sorry we didn’t respond to you promptly.

I’ve replied to your email with more information. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this topic.