Engrave and Cut not aligned

Glowforge engraves but when it comes to cutting out the outline, the cut has been pushed to the right by a few cm. The engrave and cut of the project is not aligning. This is all in one step, same svg being uploaded. I’ve created this project multiple times and it is the first time I’ve hit a snag today. Does anyone have any tips?

Have you tried it again? Can you repeat the problem?

Anything unusual about the material? About the settings?

Can you upload a pic of the result and/or the artwork?

Is it possible that the laser gantry hit anything while it was running?

Turn off the machine and slowly move the gantry all the way forward and back and then move the laser head slowly left and right. Notice any rough movement or binding?

Check your wheels, are they all properly seated with no damage?

How about your belts, do they seems to have good tension, and no damage?

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I have had that problem caused by the gantry belt being loose. It was tight enough most of the time, but if the direction changed fast it would slip.


Almost certainly a belt tension issue, if engraves are printing uniformly as expected.

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