Engrave and Score in the same file?

Hi all, this is likely very simple but I just can’t get my head around how to do this. If I’m engraving text (created with Illustrator) I’d like to first engrave, then do a score to make the text stand out. How would I do this as 2 separate steps so I don’t have to change the Engrave to Score once the project os completed? Something like this: Engrave Text, Cut out a few other things, then come back and do a score on the Text.

Create a vector outline of the text. The outline will be a separate operation in the interface, and you can select score.


How I like to do it: you will need two copies of the text, superimposed exactly on top of each other, in different colors. One will have vector outline only, no fill. The other will have fill only, no outline. Because they are different colors, you will get two separate operations in the Glowforge interface, and you can set them up for engrave for the filled one and score for the vector outline one.


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