Engrave blowing out on one spot of design but not others

Have a weird thing happening with a design. It uses a mirror of part of the design but only one side of the mirror is engraving correctly. I have attached a picture showing the issue. The olive branches are mirrors of each other but half works properly and half doesnt.image
I don’t see the same issue on the wings and when i mirrored the design for a rear engrave the same part had the issue which makes me think it’s my file.

I have attached it as a zip if that helps. hopefully someone who is better at the art programs than we can help me out.glory to rome token.zip (21.6 KB)


Fixed. (below). Yes, your righthand olive branches show filled in Illustrator (you have to be in Preview, not Outline mode, to see it).

What I did to fix it was select the olive branches, release the compound path, ungroup repeatedly until there was no more grouping, select all, Pathfinder…Divide to separate out all the individual bits. This will leave you with everything looking filled in. Just select the parts that should be clear and delete them.

glory to rome token_revised



So because I was in outline mode when I changed the background colour it would show through the leaves even though it shouldnt have? That was how I was checked that I had deleted the inside of the leaves.

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No, it shouldn’t make a difference. What probably happened is that you didn’t get them all deleted and because you were in outline mode it wasn’t obvious that they were still there. So if you just do a quick check in Preview mode you can verify that there are no fills where you don’t want them.


Thanks for the help, @cynd11. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!