Engrave SD writing COMPLETELY OFF

I’ve been making acrylic “gift ornaments” with engraving of writing from my grandmother. SOMETIMES the glowforge is spot in with the writing, other times the letters are completely off.

For instance, i’ll have 4 “gift ornaments” in a row. 2 of them will turn out good, the other 2 wont, even though I copied/pasted the same exact design within the same project. (Yes, I know the green one isn’t finished. I stopped the machine knowing it was already ruined & didn’t want to waste more energy.)

I went through the process of refocusing the laser last night and honestly, it’s made it worse.

It appears that the printhead bumped something on the green one, or the material shifted.


What would it have bumped into? The material couldn’t have shifted because it was a full “proofgrade” 20in long sheet.

I don’t know, but it looks like a mechanical shift. Could be debris on the rail or in the belt.


Oh gotcha! That’s interesting. I’ll look into that.
Thank you

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