Engrave settings inform cut settings too?

I’m doing some test engrave/cut pieces. I’m trying to see how I can optimize speed on engraving, but still get a nice engrave and cut. I’m doing this on 1/8" baltic birch, and started with these settings from this popular post. Everything is going beautifully; including the cutting. I upped the speed a bit for my second test, and left my cut settings alone. Still beautiful. For my third try I upped the speed to 1000, downed my power to 70, and changed my LPI to 170. I left the cut settings alone. The engrave came out light (too light really, but that’s why I’m testing) but the material also didn’t cut through all the way. Now I’m confused. I didn’t mess with the cut settings at all in my testing, and the first two cut just fine.

Is it the LPI or the power? And if it’s power then why do I have a power setting for the cut portion?

I searched for this, but couldn’t find anything. It’s not really a problem with the machine persay, but I didn’t think this really belonged anywhere else either. TIA to anyone reading & responding. :slight_smile:

If the cut settings didn’t change, my guess would be that it didn’t cut through because of some variation in the material where the design was placed. LPI doesn’t enter into the cut process, nor does the power of the engrave settings.


Baltic birch is really pretty and inexpensive, but fillers, glues, etc. can drive you to tears with cutting some days. That is where the inexpensive part comes in handy. I’ve cut more than 1 project multiple times because of this so, it still works out cheaper than proof grade, but you may burn thru more of it for your projects.

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Fair enough. I did another test at 80…cut great. Then another smaller one (was running a bit out of space at this point) back at 70 and it cut fine. Slightly annoying, but there was no time difference between the 70 and 80, so it doesn’t much matter for my purposes.

Thanks again!