Engrave settings to match Scoring

Hi All,

I’ve had a GF Pro for a few weeks now and love the results! I want to lighten some of my engraves to look more like what I get when I score… I tried a few custom settings but always end up more engraving than scoring, any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!

So engraving and scoring are totally different types of operations.

Can you show us a picture of the results you’re seeing and tell us a bit more about how you want it to look?

Suggest you learn a little about how the settings work. Fortunately, they provide some great documentation:


Just need to remember that More Power and/or Slower Speed == darker/deeper engraves… Less Power and/or Faster Speed == lighter/shallower engraves.


Thanks! This helps a lot!

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There is always cleaning.

Trying to brown your engrave like a chicken with just the right laser settings is somewhat like using a rocket engine as a barbecue, It can be quick but making each pixel a different color by cooking each wood cell to the perfect brown without burning is asking a lot. Add in adjustments for the time of year the cell was created and you would be really pushing it.

With dot dithering every dot is the same depth and color, and different shades are made by concentrating the dots or spreading them out much like a newspaper photo that is done the same way having only black ink or white paper,

Much of the color you see after engraving or cutting is vaporized wood condensing back on the work or a quite ephemeral scorched surface or layer of charcoal easily washed away by many methods. I have even used bleach on occasion.