Engraved Macarons


For my daughters 2nd Birthday we took an idea from another community post to engrave on a couple macarons that we put around her cake.

We scored the 2 then engraved her name, and after a couple trial settings landed on:
Score - 400 / 15%
Engrave - 800 / 20% / 275 LPI

The kids ate them, so I wouldn’t doubt they kept their flavor :wink:


I’ve always thought that macarons are too sweet to eat, but these lasered ones look so awesome I could probably make an exception!

Great job! :smile:


having given up all sugar and most starch/carbs to improve my health, this picture is disturbingly appealing to me… :smile:


Since this is non-proofgrade with settings, it should be in Beyond the Manual, so i’m re-classifying for you. Great Job, though, on the project! They look awesome.


Wow, they came out amazing! Good thing you took the photos before they disappeared.




An adorable addition to the cake!


Did the kids develop any special powers?


I don’t like macrons at all, but now I feel like I need to start engraving them. Totally doing this for my daughter’s next birthday! (She loves macarons).


Did you have your crumb tray installed during print?
also what thickness did you set it to?
I tried but mine look nothing like these amazing ones! :slight_smile:


No crumb tray as the thickness was at .86 inches.

I removed the crumb tray and put a couple cork trivets I had laying around under it, bringing it to a thickness of 1.47. That minus the 1.35 thickness of the crumb tray got me to run it at .12 focus height.


Thank you this is very helpful!