Engraved steps


A good friend of mine was making some steps for his son and wanted to make them special. So he came up with a cool design to engrave on them.

He just dropped off the boards after he cut them to size and sanded them. A little painters tape and an hour and a half later visit in the forge and he had some super cool.

I think it came out fantastic. Check them out.


I love it!


That’s awesome! :grinning: I gave brief consideration to engraving the risers on the stairs when I upgraded to Pro. (figured I’d change my mind somewhere down the line though, so nixed it.)


IKEA makes some small step stools. It would be so easy to just plop the steps into the :glowforge: before assembling…


Outstanding! Really nice and something every parent would likely hold onto long after the child has outgrown it.


i saw that earlier today because it was retweeted by adam savage (@donttrythis).

looks great!


It’s so cool!! Very inspiring :wink:


I love, love, love this. That is absolutely brilliant. Beautiful. Amazing job.


I wish I could :heart: this times a million! Amazing work!


Awww, man, I wish I had the mental resources of a graphic artist like you do. Everything you make is really outstanding!


When I read the title of this I thought it was going to be a tutorial :exploding_head:


Looks great! I love how it all came out but especially the rocket exhaust detail. Great job.


Totally awesome!!! Nicely done!!


That’s nicely understated.


Yes, really cool! And I love the theme and graphics!


I love it.


That’s terrific! What were your glowforge settings for engraving that deep?




I really had nothing to do with the design. I just gave him the guidelines for making sure it would work on the GF. He designed the graphics and the steps himself.


If I remember correctly I started with the Proofgrade red oak hardwood and just slowed it down a little bit to get a slightly deeper engrave.