Engraved tiles

I have made custom tiles using the white tiles and spray painted black and then engraved. I am going to sell at an art fair. Looking for suggestions on sealing the tile to preserve the images.

I’ve detailed my process here: More Ceramic Tiles: Upgraded

Others have also shared what they’ve used towards the bottom of my post as well.

Be sure you understand what type sealer you use (some have tried spray shellac or poly, modge podge has a water based one), and that they are not food safe, and if you etch thru the overglaze, the tile is no longer durable for water use–great for coaster & art use, but not as a tile to be grouted in place.

And test for durability for cleaning/scrubbing, so you can properly inform customers if they ask…

But I’ve not done any trials with sealers, as the few tests I’ve done have been on tiles I had left over from some of my tiling projects, and I’ve not etched thru the glaze, so no sealer needed, as top coat still intact, with a nice dark grey where the laser reacted with the glaze.

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