Engraved Zippo!

Hey all,

After many trials and tribulations and two screwed up lighters (at a cost of $36 :nauseated_face:)
I managed to figure out the settings to engrave a zippo lighter!

For context, even with a replacement head my machine is a little weak, but the engrave settings that finally worked for me to get all the paint off (and granted this could be cleaned up a bit with isopropyl alcohol probably) were:

Speed: 575 Power: 75 Passes: 3x

This managed to completely pull the coating in one shot. The featured pic is of the back of one of the error zippos that managed to work well (but the front did not) and I sent the finished clean product along to the client (a rapper by the name of Lo Nation).

It was absolutely an arduous and slightly scary process, but it was very satisfying to complete and
now my plan is to get similar lighters on Alibaba (not official zippos) and start engraving them with different things en masse.

Thanks for looking!


Edit: For anyone concerned about fumes, I have an absolutely ridiculous filter set up that manages to yank everything out unless its clogged.


Looks like a fun project


One of these things is not like the other :wink:

Good job at lining everything up!


I mean not having to run the project more than once :stuck_out_tongue:


Beautifully done. Zippos are a popular subject as removing anodization is definitely right up the :glowforge:'s alley! That 3x passes definitely seems to be the trick :slight_smile:


That turned out really nice! I’m sure your customer was very happy with it.


I remember when I first saw engraved Zippos on here several years ago, I was so confused as to why people were putting lighter fluid in their lasers. I had no idea Zippos were purchased empty and you could fill/refill them. :rofl:


I finished an engrave for a wildland fire crew. I like the clean line detail on it.
Masked with blue painters tape. First pass was spd. 300/pwr 50 340 dpi, and the second pass was at 600/full 340 dpi…


That looks fabulous!


My first thought was the movie “Backdraft” which came out when I was a volunteer firefighter. :rofl: Give a lighter to a firefighter to start fires with! Seriously though, that turned out really nice. Thanks for the settings you used on it!