Zippo Lighter Engraving


Engraved a Zippo lighter today, my 5th item on the GF.

Measured depth/height from inside floor to topside of crumb tray honeycomb.

Removed the crumb tray, then zero’d out my calipers, and measured the thickness of my standoff including the Zippo (0.204" in my case).

Taped the Zippo in place, then taped a template cut from regular old manila folders (0.040" thick).

Imported my artwork, and set the engrave to:
750 speed / 8 power 225 LPI 1 pass - For Manila Template Focus (You won’t use this, but 0.244")

Then after nudging around the artwork to get it centered on the Zippo, I removed the template and bit the bullet.

First pass was:
750 speed / 8 power 225 LPI 1 pass - Test Engrave (still no going back though) Focus (0.204")

Looked good, though the soot/smoke from burning off the matte coating had me worried that it was going to be messy

Did a repeat of the first pass, looked better.
750 speed / 15 power 225 LPI 1 pass Focus (0.204")

Reset params to the following:
750 speed / 15 power 340 LPI 3 Pass Focus (0.204") Engrave Params

Took about 14 minutes for the final high grade engrave.


A friend of mine has an old one he wants to engrave. I told him to wait until I find out how to do one first. Thanks for sharing. I still may have to adjust because his doesn’t have a finish on it.


Very nice! :grinning:


Looks amazing. I love it!


I just ordered a load of Zippo’s from Amazon and will soon be testing on chrome, brushed, & polished. However look around people have had excellent results with vinegar soaked tissue, mustard, & CRC Moly spray, and slow 100 speeds @ Full power.


Nailed it!


I have been doing some gun bits lately (all steel) and I have found that I just crank the speed and power and let it go. I cant overpower it and eat the metal so who cares?

These are very thin coatings though and Your zippo looks much thicker


Hooyah EOD


Really nice work.


Excellent finish!


Thanks for the specs. Nice engraving.