Engraver smudging

it’s brand new. i will take a pic though on my next run

I cleaned all of the lenses inside and out (also ordered a new set) and so far it seems to be working okay. fingers crossed!

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Thank you so much for reviewing some of the awesome advice @Jules provided. I’m glad to hear that you were able to perform a closer cleaning of the optical components, and you’ve been seeing some better results.

I appreciate you working through all of the steps we’ve provided, and outlining the results you’ve received. I’d like to send over a gift card to reimburse you for some of the additional optical components you ordered, as well as for a couple of pieces of Proofgrade to have on hand to perform some additional tests.

Would the email you have associated with your Glowforge App login be the right one to send the gift card to?

Once we can confirm this, we’ll send over the gift card.

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yes, that is a good email; but not necessary. everything appears to be working properly after the removal and cleaning of all the lenses as well as a wipe down of the eyes on the bottom of the printer head as it seems to have a light, clear film residue build up on it.

thanks again.

i am looking forward to getting my other machine so i can start cranking out more items for my shop!

Thank you for following up with us @MilSpecOpsMonkey . We’re so glad to hear you’re back up and printing without trouble. In the event trouble returns, and we’ll need to perform additional tests, we’ve issued you a gift card to your email!

I’m going to close this post for now. If any additional questions or concerns arise, please feel free to start a new thread, or email us at support@glowforge.com.