Engraving a Goblet?

Hi there, I had a request to engrave a pattern on a wooden goblet (around the top). Can this be done with a Glowforge, and if so, suggestions? I figured I’d need some kind of jig to lay it relatively flat, but on top of not knowing how to make the jig, not sure the best method of everything a uniform pattern all the way around. Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Pic of the request (image shows 2 inches but he said it could also be 1 3/4 inch instead).

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As long as the goblet is under 2" it can be engraved. The problem you will run into is the curvature of the area you wish to engrave. It can be done, but it is not a beginner’s project. This link is for inspiration. Rotary engraved rolling pin


This thread might interest you, you’ll need to do a bit of custom jigging to get the goblet properly flat unless the diameter of the foot is the same as the cup portion.

As an alternative, how about engraving on adhesive back veneer and wrapping it onto your goblet? If the goblet is being custom turned they could engrave a shallow band matching the thickness of the veneer so it could sit flush with the surface and look cohesive.


Thank you!

Thank you! Good suggestion! I also wondered about using a wood burning pen and cutting out a stencil. Has anyone used one and do they work?

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The only way I can think off offhand using a wood burning pen would be to make the stencil and then spray painting what you then burn.

gonna be difficult.


If you cut a stencil, you could use a chemical wood burn pen- just needs heat.

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