Engraving a photo on proofgrade acrylic

Good Morning, I want to engrave a photo on proofgrade acrylic on my Glowforge Pro. Does any one have advice on this. Also would appreciate any recommendations on the engrave and cut setting. Thank YOU and Happy New Year

There are dozens of existing discussions on photo engraving. If you mean on clear for backlight or edge-light, there are plenty of discussions on that as well. It is not easy to produce acceptable results.

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THANK YOU!!! I know with photos it is difficult to get really nice results. I on do well on iceman tile, but I have never tried acrylic. That’s why I asked for setting info to get in the ballpark and adjust from there.

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no back or side light

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On some acrylic engraving I found it better to invert the image.


Thank You for your reply. Have you tried engraving photos? If so what setting worked best?

Only a few times, I preferred the gradient shading available with engraving on wood. IMO acrylic engraving works best with an image that is black and white.

You could search the forum for ‘acrylic engraving’ to see if you find an effect you like, there are years of experience documented here reflecting infinitely more experience than I have with photo engraving acrylic.


Thank YOU so very much. Great advice


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