Engraving an agate slab/coaster?

Hi, I am a complete newbie. I have read several places the GF can engrave natural stone. One reason why I bought this thing… I went to engrave my agate coaster (0.21" thickness). Since it wasn’t a pre-loaded proofgrade material I had to select “unspecified materal” and set the thickness. When I went to ‘print’ it gave me a message that unspecified material can cause fire, toxic fumes, damage GF, etc… and to consult with an expert. now I’m freaking out to print. Can any ‘expert’ out there help me on this? Can I engrave an agate coaster?


Yes. You’ll need to figure out the settings.

They put that warning up to protect themselves and you. Ultimately, you need to know what you are putting into the machine and if it could be bad for you or others.

You might like this link


thank you… Once I figure out settings I will not need to change. I will read that link! TY

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