Engraving and Cutting in Fusion 360

I totaly agree with you here:

Most of what you speak of is doable in illustration programs BUT I find F360 just so much easier. If I could do everything right there I’d be very happy. As it is, I get as far as I can and then out to Inkscape or Corel draw.


I havent used Illustrator or CorelDRAW much in the past oh, 8 years, but they absolutely had that ability back then and I can’t see them being removed. :slight_smile:

Inkscape on the other hand does lack the precision controls. It also is quirky when importing DXF files. If you’re not using mm units in the CAD program, forget accurate scaling on import in Inkscape. It’s simple enough to always set everything to millimeters while working “in-house”, but importing files from other people/firms is going to get fussy. Inkscape also sometimes imports DXF curves as actual curves and sometimes it imports them as a bazillion individual tiny straight line segments (CorelDRAW did that too).

PDF files on the other hand are predictable and Inkscape handles them OK.


Certainly if I make enough money, I’ll subscribe to Illustrator. Unless I get some revenue coming in from the GF, I’ll stick to cheap or free.

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totally understandable. was just making the point that traditional illustration programs all do the things you mentioned and always have. there are usually tradeoffs for going with the free ones.

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