Engraving and Cutting Problems

My machine is engraving blurry or double. If it’s not doing that then it doesn’t engrave the inside of the letter or object. When cutting it isn’t starting and ending in the same spot. I have recently replaced the belt that controls the laser head, black lid cable, and air assist fan. Any ideas what I need to fix now? My machine is unusable at this point.


Hi @morse.06.sam - The link from @dan84 is a great starting point for this type of trouble, and will cover most of the places this trouble can come from.

Please give those steps a look and let me know what you find!

I see you’ve also emailed us on this issue so I’ll be sending these same steps that way, just to make sure they get to you.

Hi again, I see we were able to get in touch via email and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic. Thanks!