Engraving and dots appearing thats not in my design

help! my last 2 projects has these extra

dots thats not in my original design

When you make a raster image with a white background there are frequently these dots which are in the original image, but so close in colour that human eyes can’t distinguish them…but computers can!

What program are you using to create the file? We can walk you through editing it, or, if you’re willing, upload it here and someone can quickly fix it for you :slight_smile:


I’m currently using silhouette studios.


I’s done this project in the past. Using the same file and the same format but just changing the information but somehow it worked fine in the past but not today.

I don’t know Silhouette myself, but I know a lot of folks on here do - those dots come from the file compressing itself to try and save space. It’s automatic in things saved as .jpg, while formats like .tiff are “lossless” and shouldn’t do that if they’re not there in the original.

Though it’ll also happen if you, for example, send the image through a text or something.


Howdy from a fellow SS user

What version are you using?

Did you recently re-export the file?

I agree it looks like a raster(jpg. PNG, etc) and not a vector (svg)


Yes it’s png., but how come i did the same thing before using png and worked perfectly before and not this time? I tried uploading svg but then i cant engrave because its dotted or dashed.

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Dotted/dashed means some part of the art is outside the work area. You can definitely engrave .svg whether raster or vector.


Here are two examples of exports from SS. Both of them started with a PNG image of Glowy

One was saved as a PNG - In this one you can see that the vector cut line turned into a raster line that can only be engraved.

One was saved as a SVG - in this one you can see that SS gives the vector offset line as a cutable item. It also has a tendency with some raster images to give the image a cut outline also.

Glowy Raster and Vecotor together|589x500
Glowy Saved as PNG|409x322

In your case, if you created the text and lines in SS then you should simply be able to use the save as and choose SVG (assuming your using the business edition). Then you will get a nice clean image that can be engraved.


Thank you I’m going to try this first thing in the morning!

Well I resolved that issue I think but it now comes out like this. It was never this that before where it’s patchy

I don’t know about Silhouette Studio, but I do know about JPGs and the problem is a classic JPG issue. You can take a perfect PNG image and translate it to JPG and even if set back to PNG it will be messed up like that. Usually, I am trying to get to black and white, so it is trickier if it is colored or grayscale, but all the white area will be near white, and the black near black. So something looking for edges will find a lot of them your eye cannot even see, so I increase the contrast and the near white will go back to white and the near black will go back to black.

For myself, that usually fixes the problem.

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