Engraving Bamboo Portable Charger HELP PLEASE

Hi everyone, I really need help please.
I’ve tried multiple times to engrave this portable bamboo charger, but I cannot nail the settings. What can I do to make this work? Any suggestions would help.

The charger is 1" high. THANK YOU!!


Are you certain that the top of the charger is within the allowable focus zone after you remove the crumb tray? The easiest way I know is to get one of these from the Catalog and cut it from a scrap of material – draftboard, plywood, acrylic will all work.

Welcome to the Community – you’ll find we’re a friendly bunch willing to help you out. Best of luck!


The surface you are engraving must be between 1.5" and 2" from the floor of the Glowforge. Use the set focus tool and make sure the beam lands squarely on the material. Then you are ready to dial in settings. If you use the search function and input “bamboo” you will get many examples and suggestions. Bamboo is a variable product, so you may need to test. 1000/100/340 is one place to start.


THANK YOU so much!


Welcome to the community! Also, be aware that the nature of bamboo causes it to engrave somewhat unevenly. I’ve done a lot of bamboo cutting boards and it always cuts a little differently on the same board, just because of the way the bamboo is structured. So if parts of it look lighter, just explain to the person that that is the nature of bamboo. Please be sure to share with all of us what stuff you make! We love seeing each other’s projects.


THANK YOU so much!