Engraving beautifully and then just failed

My Glowforge Pro has been working beautifully. I’ve only engraved and cut a couple of projects and was trying this one today. Using proofgrade Cherry Plywood, no interference, just suddenly stopped looking good at all. :frowning:
What happened?

Check your white ribbon connection, the belts and are you sure it didn’t get bumped while it was working?

Looks like the power supply has failed.

Try printing the Gift of Good Measure, note the time and timezone, take pictures, and let support know.

Thanks, but it wasn’t the power supply. It was still running. I cancelled the print and powered down the machine. I figured out what the problem is (Photo included). I hope that a staff member will

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It definitely didn’t get bumped. I’m in a studio alone and I was nowhere near the machine when it started doing this. That’s why it went on for so long. I was across the room thinking it was doing it’s thing like it’s supposed to do. I found this when I took the print head off to inspect the laser lens.

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That’s not good. When you posted in this segment, it automatically opens a service ticket with support. They will see it and respond usually with 24 hours. And just a point of advice, never leave your machine working. If you must step away always pause the operation. I have seen pictures of really nasty fires when someone steps a way for a few minutes.

I was in the same room with it

My bad, I miss understood. But please for your safety if you leave the room always pause.

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I had the same issue. They will send you a new one.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag. I appreciate you providing an image of the Carriage Plate wheel you noticed was damaged. I’ve reached out directly via email to work on the next best steps. I’ll now close this thread.