Engraving Bevels!


Sorry @Jules, I could not resist giving this a shot! :slight_smile:

Shall I spoil your fun of discovery? I will say, this is 1/8" PG black acrylic and this was a single pass.

I used a real 100mm macro lens on an actual camera so beware it shows every last gory detail (ie: it looks better to the naked eye, the photos make it look like lava rock LOL!)

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Thats a pretty consistent edge. Have you tried defocusing by .18" or so? Might smooth it out a bit


Wait wait wait… What’s the shield below it?! Did you Forge that?!


I havent tried defocusing this particular project yet. I ran this at a lower LPI to jam through it quickly.

Yes I did, posted here before the new power settings: St. Michael Patron Saint of Police Officers


Stinker! :stuck_out_tongue:
(Actually I’m okay with it…I’ll get around to working them into a design one day and I’ll hit you up for your settings.) :smile:


Totally amazing to see this in action! Thank you!


So I was playing with tapers a bit too and (at least on wood) the new greyscale engraving seems to work really good without any changes to settings. Did you manual engrave this bevel? If so, what changes did you find worked better. Just curious, ill probably do my own testing tonight. :slight_smile:


Yes I was using manual settings, in this particular case mostly to reduce the LPI settings just to make it faster for testing the proof of concept, plus I wanted to do a deeper bevel than the stock engraving settings will allow.


Wow! I am really interested in this! Bevels around something can really dress it up.


@Jules, @takitus since running through the tests in the Beyond The Manual section, I had to revisit this. :slight_smile:

A dime for scale reference.


Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is amazing. So many posts about engraving bevels. Boom. Here they are. Just so cool.


And ‘boom’
Exactly. Looks great to my eye!


Looks like it’s time to try a dovetail joint?


This is awesome work! That last one is so clean and beautiful. I’d love to see a pic of the file you used to create it (unless its a trade secret or something :slight_smile: ). I can imagine the greyscale image you used, but my brain just understands things better with pics.


Challenge accepted. :slight_smile:

Here ya go. This is four individual rectangles with linear gradients, and the nodes moved in to make mitered corners.



Hey, thanks for that! Amazing to me watching the power scale to the shade so quickly - like that diamond knurl pattern you shared. Great test! :sunglasses:


This particular sample was ran in 3 passes following what I learned from the thread in Beyond The Manual - less “heat”+ less speed = better surface finish.


I’ve really enjoyed see all these tests. I really can’t wait to start playing around with some different projects again.

Every spare moment i have is filled with cutting these darn boxes. It has been one of those projects that sounds good until you are knee deep in it. :slight_smile:

anyways keep up the awesome work.