Engraving, Cutting and Scoring Two-Tone Rowmark Acrylic / HP Sign Settings

There has been some interest in discussing settings for the Harry Potter signs and the Rowmark 2-toned acrylic. Since the designs should stay in the FLD section and, settings have to go in BTM, this is the related thread.

For the Harry Potter signs on the two-toned Rowmark acrylic, I engraved at 1000 speed, 20 power and 270 LPI with one pass.

I experimented with scoring around the engraves to smooth the edges. That changed the appearance of the text in a way that I didn’t like. So, the only place that survived was the inside of the border on the Diagon Alley sign. Scoring was one pass at 500 speed and 20 power.

Cutting was at 150 speed and Full power (on a Basic machine – Pro machines might be a little faster or lower power).

As I mentioned elsewhere, there is some “orange peel” texture to the engraved areas but, if anything, I feel like it added to the feel of the signs.


Thanks for sharing all of this with us - the files are great, and the settings you used will save plenty of testing time.


rough surface from the engrave.

Sounds like you should up your LPI setting. I use 270 on almost everything, but folks doing really fine stuff go into the 1000s.

If your engraving acrylic, try an unfocused engrave (Eg. on a 1/2" thick piece, set your manual focus to .01 - or on a 1/16" piece set it to .5)